[ETUDE HOUSE] Dr.Ampoule Dual Black Mask Sheet 2ml+30ml

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Product Information

  • Product: [ETUDE HOUSE] Dr.Ampoule Dual Black Mask Sheet 2ml+30ml
  • Volume: 1step 2ml + 2step 30ml
  • - Clean pores (chestnut shell,tea tree leaf , peppermint, papaya leaves, lemon extract, Artemisia Princeps Leaf Extract)
    - Skin cleansing (Black tea, lemon balm, rose hips, Black Pearl, Mulberry, snow lotus extract)

  • [Clean pores]
    1 Step first Dr. ampoule uses tonic water.
    Sebum control and pore cleansing ingredient gives clean and silky pores.

    Skin cleansing]
    1 Step First Dr.Ampoule contains lotus water.
    Skin soothing and brightening ingredient gives bright and vital skin care.
  • How to use :
    1, After face wash ust 1 Step first Dr.ampoule to apply evenly on the skin.
    2. Apply 2 Step mask onto face, remove after 15 to 20 minutes.
    * Before first Dr. Ampule absorption, apply Dr. Ampoule mask for rich moisture.
    * Considering 4 weeks skin turnover, use 2 times for 4 weeks.

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