[Holika Holika] Heartful Lipstick (Melting/Chiffon) 3.5g

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Product Information

  • Product : [Holika Holika] Heartful Lipstick (Melting/Chiffon)
  • Volume : 3.5g
  • Main ingredients : Vitamin complex (royal orange, yuzu, kiwi), Moisturizing complex (olive, sunflower, argan oil), honey extract
  • Product Description
    : Lovely heart-shaped lipstick creates sweet lip color/ creamy moist lips.
    : Chiffon creamy texture with moisturizing melting formula, creates smooth lips without wrinkles and crunchy texture.
    : Contains Vitamin Complex, Moisturizing Complex, and Moisturizing Ingredients to give your lips a comfortable moisturizing and care effect.
  • How to use
    [Full Lip]
    1. Draw along the lip line using the upper rounded part of the heart.
    2. Fill the entire lips with a heart applicator.
    3. Perfect Finish!
    [Gradation Lip]
    1. Use the heart section to soften the inside of the lips (center).
    2. Create a natural gradation towards the edges.
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