IU 3rd Album - Modern Times CD Normal Edition

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Special Edition and Nor edition would have different type of poster images

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  • PackageCD + Poster + 64 pages Booklet
  • Release Date2013-10-10

Track Listing


01. 을의 연애 (With 박주원)
02. 누구나 비밀은 있다 (Feat. 가인 of Brown Eyed Girls)
03. 입술 사이(50cm)
04. 분홍신
05. Modern Times
06. 싫은 날
07. Obliviate
08. 아이야 나랑 걷자 (Feat. 최백호)
09. Havana
10. 우울시계 (Feat. 종현 of SHINee)
11. 한낮의 꿈 (Feat. 양희은)
12. 기다려
(Bonus Track) Voice Mail (Korean Ver.)

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