In a continuous streak of 28 weeks.. Lee Junho, Star Ranking, Male Actor 1st Place

"Singer and actor Lee Junho has secured the 1st place in the Star Ranking Male Actor category.

In the 29th edition of the October 2nd week Star Ranking Male Actor ranking, which took place from October 5th at 3:01 PM to October 12th at 3:00 PM, Lee Junho defeated Kim Nam-gil and Park Hae-jin to take the top spot.

In this vote, Lee Junho received 25,480 votes, followed by Kim Nam-gil with 4,141 votes in 2nd place and Park Hae-jin with 2,197 votes in 3rd place.

Star Ranking is a ranking vote where fans directly vote for their favorite stars to determine their rank. Depending on the voting results, various special prizes are awarded to the stars.

The star selected as 1st place for 4 consecutive weeks will be featured on an outdoor billboard advertisement. Fans of the star who secures the 1st place for 4 consecutive weeks can also request an outdoor billboard advertisement video fan support. Proposals can be made via the official email of Star News (

The voting for the 30th edition of the October 3rd week Star Ranking Male Actor category will take place from October 12th at 3:01 PM to October 19th at 3:00 PM."

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