A Korean History for International Readers

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■ To Korean Readers
How can we talk about Korean history to non-Korean readers?
■ To non-Korean Readers: Who Read This Book
Hoping to get closer to each other through Korean history
■ Prologue - Korean and Koreans, Who are they?

I. The Beginning of the Korean History - B.C. 500000~B.C. 1C
* Korea in the World, The World in Korea: Prehistoric Culture of the Korean Peninsula, and the Historic Periods
1. Since When Did the Existence of Man Begin on the Korean Peninsula?
2. Koreans Found Gojoseon: the First Kingdom of the Korean Peninsula
3. Developments of Several Ancient Kingdoms, in the South and North of the Korean Peninsula
■ Historical Sites: The Largest Dolmen Kingdom in the World
■ Life and Culture: Ritual Ceremony to God

II. The Beginning of the Three Kingdoms Period - B.C. 1C~A.D. 700
* Korea in the World, The World in Korea: Formation of the East Asian Culture Block
1. The Foundation fo the Three Kingdoms: Goguryeo, Baekje, and Shilla
2. Competitions Become Intense Among the Three Kingdoms
■ Historical Sites: Ancient Tombs and Murals; Meeting the Goguryeo People 1,600 Years Ago
3. Goguryeo’s Defeat of Successive Invasions of Sui and Tang

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