Green Face(정단) 4th Album - All is Well (오늘부터 잘 될거야) CD

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- CD

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- 19-04-26

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- The outer case(sleeve) is to Protect goods. (Minor scratches and discoloration will not be the case for change or return.)

Track List

CD 1
01. Remember
02. 오늘부터 잘 될거야
03. 사르르봄
04. 보호자
05. 해뜰날
06. You're the only one
07. 가벼운 상상
08. I will always love you
09. 사랑에 빠질 수 있다면
10. 정신줄 놓고
11. 도레미파솔바람
12. 요즘들어 (Acoustic Guitar ver.)
13. Just wanna be with you
14. 사랑할래
15. 오늘부터 잘 될거야 (Acoustic ver.)

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