[Holika Holika] Wonder Drawing Skinny Eye Liner 0.14g

Holika Type: 04
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Product Information

  • Product: [Holika Holika] Wonder Drawing Skinny Eye Liner
  • Volume: 0.14g
  • Product description
    : Sharp drawn delicate use 2mm slim eye liner to give non thick natural thin and
    delicate eye line look.
    : Gives gel liner soft use on weak eye areas reducing irritation with free drawing.
    : Strong on sweat and water power proof eye liner with high fit for all day clean eyes.
    : Color intense powder with one touch to give clear eye line.
  • How to use
    [Thin and delicate eye line]
    : Light drawing for soft and clear color, follow eyelashes gently to draw a line.
    [Fill between eyelashes for clear looking eyes]
    : Remove oil using tissue, fill between eyelashes for stronger looking makeup.
  • Color : 01.Real Black, 02.Wood Gray, 03.Walnut Brown, 04.Cinnamon Brown
  • Tag: holika holika, holika holika cosmetics, holika holika eye make up, holika holika eyeliner, holika skinny eyeliner, eyeliner

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