[KIHNO] VIXX LEO 2nd Mini Kihno Album - MUSE Kihno Kit

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Release Date : Jun - 18th -2019

You can require up to two Kihno albums per each order. If you want to order three or more, please choose DHL as your shipping option. This is due to the safety regulation regarding the products with built-in battery.

Product Details


- Album Package

- Air-Kit

- Photocard SET(32p)

- Postcard(4p)

Release Date

- Jun - 18th -2019

Return & Exchange Policy

- The outer case(sleeve) is to Protect goods. (Minor scratches and discoloration will not be the case for change or return.)

Track List

01.로맨티시즘 (Romanticism) * Title
02. 다가오는 것들 (Feat. 최자 of Dynamicduo)
03. 향수병
04. 타이트해
05. MUSE
06. the flower (Feat. Maximilian Hecker)

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