[LP] JTBC Drama O.S.T My Liberation Notes (나의 해방일지) 2LP

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Release Date : JAN - 10th - 2023 > FEB - 22nd - 2023

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- Out Cover : 310 x 310mm

- Vinyl : 2LP

- Lyrics Book : 8p

- Folding Postcard

Release Date

- JAN - 10th - 2023 > FEB - 22nd - 2023

Return & Exchange Policy

- The outer case(sleeve) is to Protect goods. (Minor scratches and discoloration will not be the case for change or return.)

Track List


A_01.일종의 고백 (Male Ver.) [곽진언]

A_02.푹 [헨]

A_03.함께할 수 있기를 [이준형]

A_04.느림보 [신유미]

A_05.그런 날 [진동욱]

A_06.Be My Birthday [하현상]

B_01.나의 해방일지 [최정인]

B_02.No Problem [박정은]

B_03.Nostalgia [옹성은]

B_04.No One [김연정]

B_05.Wind Blows [임미현]

B_06.Someone [최정인]

B_07.Run Away [옹성은]


A_03.일종의 고백 (Female Ver.) [헨]

A_04.We Sink [SWAY (스웨이)]

A_05.나의 봄은 [이수현]

A_06.다이아몬드 [최기덕 (9duck)]

A_07.알 것도 같아 [홍이삭]

A_08.Here We Are [김필]

B_03.A Pastoral Song [김연정]

B_04.Not a Thing [최정인]

B_05.Sorrow [임미현]

B_06.The Liberation Club [옹성은]

B_07.I Got A Feeling [신현필]

B_08.Worship Me [윤채영]

B_09.Border [윤채영]

B_10.Save You, Save Me [김연정]

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