Yes, You Can Learn Korean Language Structure In 40 Minutes - Revised Edition

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120 page


PART 01 Korean Alphabet (Hangeul)

Hangeul jamo (Korean alphabet units) l The 24 letters l Reviews l
Korean-English Sound Correspondences 'Alphabetical Order

PART 02 Consonants

Consonants l Review

PART 03 Vowels

Vowels l Reviews

PART 04 Syllables

Consonants & Vowels l The Combination Rules

PART 05 Syllables & Word Segments

Sound Syllables & Word Segments

PART 06 Vocabulary : A Selected List

Numerals l Currency Unit l Numeric Counting System l
Korean Names l Foreigners' Names in Korean l
The Korean Dynasties The Address Order l Useful Words l
Around the world l Korean Cusine l Cities in Korea l Symbols of Korea l
Army Ranks l School System l The Korean Zodiac System l
Means of Transportation l Drinks l Utilities l Directions

PART 07 Formulating Sentences

The Ground Rules of Word Order l Affirmative vs. Interrogative l
Shopping l Making it Polite/Refined l Greetings


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